Minimize Tax Liabilities with GT-Property Tax

GT-Property Tax (PT) is a self-serve web and mobile based, easy-to-use and configurable, product that addresses the objectives of municipal corporations and local government to automate all property tax operations, thus providing property tax assessment and payment services to citizens in real-time.

Features of GT- Property Tax

  • Filling an Assessment for a property: Enable self-assessment of a new property by citizens through a guided and easy to use interface.
  • Modification to a property: Enable modifications to a property- mutation, alternate, bifurcation, amalgamation- transparently with an audit trail.
  • User Profile and Role Based Acess: Create Personalized profiles (Citizens and Employees), Role based access to employees.
  • Real-Time Notifications: Keep the citizens notified at each stage of the transaction with timely alerts via SMS, Whatsapp and Email.
  • Payments Collection and Receipts: Pay complete or partial payments via preferred payment option -cash, Cheque, DD, credit/debit card, mobile wallet, UPI based app, issue receipts.
  • Dashboards and Reports: Monitor property tax collections assessments and other information at a stage and ULB level.
  • Search Properties Online:  Search and track incomplete assessments, search properties to view ownership history and pending dues.
  • Manage the DCB Process:  Automatically generate the demand of the property for the financial year and manage the collection and billing process.
  • Legacy Data Migration: Migrate legacy data of existing properties along with the demand and collection details for subsequent demand generation.

GT- Property Tax provides citizen- centric services for hassle – free payment of property taxes, streamlines compliance processes eliminates manual data entry, manages documents, and provides analytical tools to strengthen the financial sustainability of ULBs.

  • Enhanced Financial Autonomy and Sustainability
  • Increased Convenience with Least Human Interaction
  • Data – Driven Decision Making

Value Proposition (Citizens)

  • Enhanced digital Record Keeping
  • Avoid Penalties
  • Ease of payments with Multiple payment Channels
  • Secure, Robust, Interactive and User-Friendly Platform


  • Reduced Time in compliance
  • Increased Revenue and Advanced Collection across ULBs
  • Improved Service Level and Quality
  • Enhanced Transparency and Trust in Public Governance