Ease Of Doing Business With GT-Online Building Permission System

GT-Online Building Permission System (OBPS) enables local government to bring in transparency, accountability and time-bound service for the public. With GT-OBPS, professional like architects, engineers, supervisors can seek permission for construction of a building from any Urban Local Bodies/ District Town and Country Planning/Centre for Municipal Administration with a speedy, hassle-free and user-friendly procedure, online.

Features of GT-Trade License

  • Online Registration Of Professional: Register and add new professionals to the system and renew the existing registrations
  • Online Submission and Application Processing: Submit application, verify and generate permit post approval or generate permit on submit od application based on risk type, validate the application where approval flow includes document Scrutiny, NOC approval and field inspection.
  • Generate Notices: Notice acknowledgment letters, approval letters, deviation or the rejection letters will be system generated with e-sign.
  • Online Fee Payment: Integration with the payment gateways for online payments and facilitate fee calculation & Collection.
  • Online Single Window System: Integration with all internal and external agencies required to provide application NOCs/approvals.
  • Maintain Audit Log: Extraction of system logs to excel/pdf formats for internal analysis of case.
  • Online eDCR Scrutiny of Drawing/Plan:  Real-time scrutiny of the plan in few seconds against the state by-low and generation of scrutiny report.
  • Generate Certificate:  Download certificates having e-Sign/digital signature and QR code.
  • Support and Service: Online handbook, User manual and FAQs to aid in registration and application flow.

GT-OBPS helps architects, engineers, citizens to obtain building permission in a transparent and efficient manner.

The entire approval process is speedy up due to the automation of the scrutinization and workflow process as per the governmental building regulations and rules.

  • Ease of Doing Business
  • Faster Approvals
  • Transparent Approval Process

Value Proposition (Citizens)

  • Ease of Access
  • Enhanced Transparency and Trust
  • Increased Convenience


  • Increased Process Speed & Efficiency
  • Reduced Manual Efforts and Errors
  • Improved Service Levels and Quality


  • Reduced Operational Cost
  • Efficient and Timely Management of Project
  • Increased Convenience
  • Reduced Dependence on Manual Processes and Approvals