Ease Of Doing Business with GT-Trade License

GT-Trade License (TL) enables local government to regulate the trade and protect the interest of the public at large against the health hazard and inconvenience which a business may cause. With GT -TL traders can obtain the trade certificate in a simplified manner and ensure compliance with rules and safety guidelines issued by the government.

Features of GT-Trade License

  • Anytime Anywhere Access: Access information through mobile, web or download through text messages and emails, online, offline or through the app
  • Tracking and Managing: Track and mange regulatory Processes
  • Local Insights: Get Valuable information on the economic activity and employment opportunities in your ULB
  • License Management: Access New Applications, Renewal of application, Online and Offline Payments, Applications Modification
  • Alerts: Send approvals and payment alerts through emails and text messages
  • Reporting: Generate Receipts registry, collections, Boundary – wise Application.
  • Data Management: Store and organize City Boundary Data, Trade Categories, Trade Structure Types, Ownership Categories and Fee Matrix
  • Automation: Streamline and automate the business licensing process and setup your business quickly.
  • Online Dashboards: Acquire Application KPIs, Payment KPIs, and Collection Trends

GT-Trade License enables Traders to do business in India, ease in redundant procedures and regulatory processes is of paramount

GT – Trade License increases procedural efficiency and improves the accessibility and transparency of information thus enabling business to flourish and function with ease

  • Ease of doing business
  • Regulatory tracking
  • Data- Driven decision making

Value Proposition (Citizens)

  • Hassle – free payments and renewals
  • Attract investors and customers
  • Compliance with low to avail government benefits
  • Prestige and an aura of stability to the business


  • Reduced operational & transactional costs
  • Elimination of physical touch points
  • Increase employee productivity & efficiency
  • Reduce call-based citizen inquiries